Chairman's Message

A warm welcome to our friends and colleagues to the second virtual Annual Medical Seminar of Gleneagles Hospital Singapore.

The theme for our seminar this year, Keeping up With the New Normal - Clinical Management Strategies in the Pandemic Era, attempts to provide an overview of clinical management strategies in the pandemic era.

The first session will look at the important issues of COVID-19 vaccination strategies following the approval of several key vaccines, thromboembolic conditions with and without COVID-19, and the side effects of fatty liver after feasting post-lockdown! In the second session, we will look at side effects of work from home in keyboard warriors and aggressive sports injuries in our bid to keep fit during the pandemic. Lastly, strange lumps in the head and neck areas may portend sinister disorders and a quick primer for family physicians will help to clear some doubts.

After each session, our panel of speakers will share their experience and answer questions in our light-hearted Q&A sessions.

Gleneagles Hospital Singapore is a friendly one-stop centre that has numerous specialists from various complementary specialties under one roof. Multidisciplinary teams manage patients with complex problems in a congenial atmosphere.

We hope you will find the talks engaging, insightful and may you gain new perspectives to benefit your patients for years to come.

Dr Sim Hong Gee
CME Chairman, Gleneagles Hospital Singapore
CME Chairman,
Gleneagles Hospital Singapore
Organising Committee

Dr Sim Hong Gee

CME Chairman

Dr Melvin Heng

Acting CEO
Gleneagles Hospital Singapore

Dr Arthur Tseng

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr John Law

Respiratory Physician

Dr Victor Lee

General Surgeon

Dr Vivien Lim


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